Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This could happen only in Singapore

The latest obstacle on the road to becoming a more gracious society has appeared in the form of a durian tree in a HDB estate on Moulmein Road. The tree, which is on public land, produces about 100 durians a year, which the neighbors fight over. One Mr. Lim claims to own the tree and threatens or curses at anyone he suspects may be out to steal his fruit. He's an ugly person, says Madam Wee, who admits to hogging ten per cent of the tree's output all by herself.

Other residents reportedly queue up for a chance at the fruit. I wonder how that works - do they queue single file and wait for the next fruit to fall? Or do they all form a circle and pounce as soon as a durian drops? How long are these people willing to wait? Don't they queue enough at the bank, the ATM, the supermarket, the post office, the polyclinic, the taxi stand, the food court, etc.?

All we need now is for some daring and creative person to put a sticker on the trunk saying "My grandfather tree."