Friday, March 2, 2012

Trapped in the lift at Orchard Central

A few days ago I had an early morning meeting with some colleagues at an Orchard Road coffee joint (as opposed to the Singaporean variety of coffee shop). I parked at Orchard Central. To get into the car park you have to ascend an interminable spiral that can cause permanent psychological trauma. It was not yet 8am so hardly any cars were there, but it still was a long way up before I could park.

I pressed for the lift and it opened. I got in and pressed the lobby. The lift went down, but it would not open. I fiddled with the buttons, but no luck. I pressed the alarm, and miraculously a voice responded. I explained my plight, and the voice said the door would not open until 8.05, about ten minutes. I really didn’t care to wait. If the door lets me in and takes me down it should then let me out. I decided to find a way out. The doors are made of some kind of Plexiglas that is virtually indestructible. (Don’t ask me how I know that!) Soon (but not soon enough!) the lift magically took me back up several stories higher than where I entered and the door opened. I got out and walked down many many many steps to freedom.

Not only is the parking garage there a disaster, the mall itself is extremely confusing and inhospitable. The only thing about it that works is the exit gate, which exacted a high price from me in monetary terms as well as psychic well-being. The only reason to go that waste of space is for Cold Stone, but you can get there from the street. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open that early.